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Suwannee River

Picture taken from bridge on US 41 at White Springs FLA
Photo by Earl Whitefield
APR 1991

Gateway Theatre Lake City Fla.

Photo by Earl Whitefield

White Springs Fla. on the Suwannee River 1945

photo from flickr member coveman

Candy Kitchen

Building where Candy Kitchen was located. (Middle Bldg)
Photo by Earl Whitefield
Lake City Fla.

Columbia High School

Columbia High School in Lake City where Dad attended school in the middle 1930's
(now it serves as grammar sch)
Photo by Earl Whitefield 4-16-1990

This is the Woman's Club Bldg where Dad had his graduation ceremonies when he graduated on APR 18, 1940.
Photo by Earl Whitefield 4-16-90

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LIFE Magazine Photo

Old African American man dozing and fishing on bank of the Swanee river was inspiration for the songs "Old Folks At Home," and "Swanee River."
Location: White Springs, FL, US
Date taken: May 1945
Photographer: William C. Shrout

Spring House White Springs, Fla.

The Spring House and Suwannee River, White Springs, Fla.

Telford House

Photo's by Earl Whitefield

Rushie K. Whitefield

Lake City, Fla

This was Lake City, FLA. 4-16-1990
Photo's by Earl Whitefield

House in White Springs FLA where Earl(Dad) lived (he thought) about 1925 or 1926

Photo by Earl Whitefield

House in White Springs Fla where Earl (Dad) lived (He thought) about 1925 or 1926

Photo by Earl Whitefield

Ethel & Sam's house where they lived about 1933 to 1936
White Springs, FLA.

Photo by Earl Whitefield

House where Earl (Dad) lived with Ethel & Sam from 1938 to 1940

Photo by Earl Whitefield

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Essie,Merle & Earl

Rushie K. Whitefield

Essie & Earl

Photo of house is a picture taken by Dad on 4-16-1990 .
He wrote on back of picture that this is where they lived from about 1926 and 1927
The house is in White Springs.
It could be the same house in the photo below

Standing left is Ella (Granny), Essie & Earl standing center, and Rushie standing holding baby(Merle). This is possibly the only picture with Granny and Rushie and Earl(Dad) in the same picture.
Can you tell who the others are in these photos ?
Bottom picture looks to be circa 1926.

This house is different than the other photo above, but photo's appear to be taken minutes apart. ???